How Crypto Trader turned $600 to $56,000 flipping NFTs

In 47 days, noteezzy turned $600(0.3 ETH) to 56,000(20 ETH) flipping NFTs.

A whopping 95x run.

Here is now he did it:
First he bought 3 WickedCraniums

at an average of 0.1 ETH each for a total of 0.29 ETH. Flipped for 0.78 ETH totalh/t: @DeezeFi’s space

Secondly, he bought 2 @coolcatsnft at 0.011 ETH each for a total of 0.22 ETH Flipped for 1.2 ETH total.

Third, he minted 5 @superplastic x @ChristiesInc Jankys at $250 each for a total of $1250 Got 5 Jankys as a bonus for free, and luckily pulled a Diamond Janky as well. Flipped for 2.32 ETH total.

Fourth, he applied for the @hirst_official + @HENIGroup’s The Currency Drop.Got 2 Spots and bought 2 of it at $2,000 each for a total of $4,000Traded + 0.7 ETH for a Zombie @BoredApeYC

Fifth, Sold the Zombie Bored Ape for 20 ETH

Side notes: He made a couple of losses in-between these and some smaller gains as well flipping his way.

If he can, you can.

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